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Oregon keynote speaker, Chris Waugh

Chris Waugh

She’s an Oregon business consultant specializing in management, marketing and professional development, and an inspiring author, columnist, and speaker. Chris is a seasoned professional who understands the unique challenges of business in Oregon, and brings you creative solutions On The Fly.

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Chris Waugh
165 3rd St.
Otter Rock, OR 97369

Lending Wings to Your Success

I'm Chris Waugh, here to help you, the people you work with, your organization, and ultimately your bottom line. My focus is on your marketing effectiveness, and the professional development of your people. Both of these have a big impact on your business income, especially on the Oregon Coast where I learned business management. Since I ventured out on my own, I've also published four books, and delivered motivational keynote speeches at conferences throughout the northwest.

How can I be of service to you?

My management books are available at my bookstore, where you'll get the best deals anywhere, and there is no charge for domestic shipping. For more about me, click experience and learn about my background, clients and reviews.

FREE RESOURCES! You can access dozens of my publications by clicking helpful articles (and you have my permission to reprint them.) Look for the uplifting quotes that I've collected to inspire you and your team. Watch people like you give their perspective on success on the video interviews.

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Meanwhile, here's something to think about:

Men who do things without being told draw the most wages."

Edwin H. Stuart

Email or call me at (541) 270-0399. Let's get you off to a flying start!

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Chris Waugh

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